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Stream live TV, movies and TV Shows everywhere you go

Watch African movies, documentaries, and TV shows, plus live TV channels, instantly, anywhere, and from any device, with CMFlix.

Live streaming movies has never been easier with CMFlix. Stream movies Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, and Africa at large. Enjoy hundreds of free, full-length movies from every genre: action movies, dramas, comedies, documentaries, horror movies, and much more.

Watch TV shows you know and love or discover a brand new series with CMFlix. Instant live TV channels are available for you. Stream-on-demand TV series and live channels anywhere and on any device with CMFlix! There's something for the whole family from comedy to news, sports to kids, international content, and more.

Stream live TV, watch free movies, and discover new shows and more with CMFlix:


- Live TV streaming with access to popular African channels on the go.

- TV shows and series for the whole family: watch kid shows, news, sports, and more.

- Live news from Africa and the world at large.

African Movies Anywhere:

- Watch African movies online anywhere and on many devices.

- Stream new movies, cult classics, and other on-demand movies. 

- African movies from all categories: action movies, documentaries, dramas, comedies, and more

TV Channels and Shows:

- Stream on demand African TV shows anywhere, on any device

- Watch TV series favorites or find something new for the whole family

- Live TV channels are available instantly, with free TV streaming

- Free Live TV streaming just got better with six new channels from AMC Networks

Other features:

- Save your data. Support download and watch offline. (Some works only)

- You can add your favorite content to 'Favorite' and start watching from 'Favorite' easily when you want to enjoy it immediately.

- Continue watching.


CMFlix is a true leading digital entertainment provider in Africa.

Download today and stream TV Shows, movies, live TV, and more, with CMFlix.

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Ankah Browdong A

1 year ago

Wow so amazing!!


Mesode Ewang

1 year ago

Great app. this update is amazing . It is easier to register and login in to the app now and the live tv channels are just overwhelming. Kuddos to it's developer(s)

"I wish to log in"

Ekwaingen Mercy Anwei

2 years ago

I really want to know more a bout this app in order to stand on track

"100% Perfect"

Emmanuel Kim Njang

2 years ago

This is impressive. After exploring this app, I think we need to give the team a gold medal ? ?


Jessica Shaw

2 years ago

am amazed at the quality of content in this app, keep it up



2 years ago

Nice app i downloaded with ease and meet the exact content I needed this is brave don't regret putting this app on my phone

"I love CMflix"


2 years ago

This app is so fast to download, and I am having magical moment watching African 24, CRTV, CMtv and other TV channels??.I love this app, it is the best App ever to watch movies, series and exclusive, comedy and many others

"My TV in my pocket ??"


2 years ago

Amazing app ??? At first I was scared when I received a warning alert but I went ahead to download just to discover that the app does no harm to your device ?? Chillen Media Inc thank you very much....I give this app 5 stars

"App review"

Nsom N. Allison

2 years ago

This app is amazing. wonderful and Delivering as promised. Really a mobile TV. Though warnings but turns out to be ok and secured.


Emade Pedly

2 years ago

Wow... This app is amazing. To think that it has only content from the African continent? Wow oh wow ... Kudos

"App is save and secure"

Banny B

2 years ago

I was afraid to install this app when I saw the android warning, but after installing and using the app for some time now, I am very impressed. App design is great, everything just works well, plus it is secured and safe to use. That's why I am giving it a five star

"App review"

Tendong pauline

2 years ago

The graphic of the app is beautiful, the app is got interesting contents, and easy to download

"I love this App"


2 years ago

The look and feel of this app is excellent.



2 years ago

In love with the graphics and the fact that we can explore it by genre makes it simple



2 years ago

Nice app, flexible to use but, downloading the package took me 2hrs some minutes

"Great innovation"


2 years ago

I love the design of the App and the build quality.

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